Jeeto SUPERSTARS ka Bat – #SupermealWC15


Karachi (February 04, 2015): At the outset of the World Cup 15, Supermeal again comes up with a grand cricketing competition online named ‘Jeeto Superstars Ka Bat’ wherein each and every bite will lead you towards winning the opportunity to meet cricket Superstars and other amazing prizes in a flash.

logoSupermeal’s ‘Jeeto Superstars Ka Bat’ happens to be a series of online cricket festivities officially celebrated by Supermeal during major cricket tournaments each year. Last year in March 2014, (formerly launched ‘Foortal BOOM BOOM T20’, an online gameplay so as to intensify the national cricket fever in Pakistan during T20 Cricket World Cup 2014. Providing cricket buffs with a unique opportunity to those foodie couch potatoes, who also happened to be the born cricket freaks, to test their acumen and prediction skills out of their wild guess instincts. Top 50 winners enjoyed an evening with Shahid Khan Afridi on 26th April 2012 in Karachi.

This time, it’s on a bigger spectrum. The winners are going to claim more than a world cup trophy. It’s a Superstars’ BAT! The bat of leading and emerging cricket stars (including Shahid Afridi, Younis Khan, Sohaib Maqsood, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Muhammad Irfan, Yasir Shah and Sohail Khan). In addition to this, there are hand-signed balls by Shahid Afridi.

No, No, this is not it. The best is this; at the end of the tournament Top 10 scorers will be invited to have a grand dinner with these super stars. What’s more can you think of other than the above? It’s a million dollar opportunity.

The winning recipe is so simple: Starting this February 14th, 2015, the more you order online via, the more your chances are to win The Superstars’ Bat. In addition to this, your prediction abilities before every match will score you extra bonus runs. Your total score will be increased whenever your predicted team wins the match. Match predictions can be done here;

Being a socially responsible organisation, team Supermeal will donate 10% of your every order to Shahid Afridi Foundation’s charity funds.

Again, merging the never-ending delight of food and cricket together, offers you an opportunity to relish the best food while enjoying nation’s favorite game. Thanks to Supermeal World Cup 2015, it is always better to act on a hunch, whether dining out with your friends or craving for today’s lunch. So, what are you still waiting for? Make it snappy!



How to win Superstars’ BAT on Supermeal




To enter the contest you will need to place one online order from to any restaurant. So a single order is required to enter the game. Participation will open from 8th February.


You can play WC2015 warm up matches without placing any order. So, no order required to play warm up matches.

(NOTE: The scores will get reset on 1st match of the tournament.)


Every order which you place online on during World Cup (between 8th Feb 2015 and 29th March 2015), will get you runs. On every spending of Rs 5/- you will get 1 Run. So, for example, if your order amount is Rs 500/- you will get 100 Runs.

NOTE: Runs will only be added when order is accepted by the restaurants.


You can get 50 bonus runs on every match by simply making a prediction for winning team here at Each correct prediction will win you 50 bonus runs.

(NOTE: Prediction will start 24hrs before the match starts and will close right after the match is started. This will happen for all matches.)


At the end of the world cup, top 10 scorers who have played throughout the tournament will be invited to a dinner with these Superstars. They will receive the Superstars’ BATs (signed by Shahid Afridi, Younus Khan, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Yasir Shah, Sohaib Maqsood, Muhammad Irfan and Sohail Khan)


Being a socially responsible organisation, team Supermeal will donate 10% of your every order to SAF-small-blogShahid Afridi Foundation’s charity funds. Support the cause. It’s a rare combination of cricket, food and social work.


Keep close eyes on those surprise announcements throughout the campaign which can contain special discounts, deals, and up to 200 Bonus runs. For all latest updates follow Supermeal on Facebook, Twitter or download our Android App.


We will make sure to help you with discount offers from restaurants so that you can enjoy food with discounted prices and get runs on actual amount. So, for example, if your order amount is Rs 1000/- and you get a 40% discount on it, you will get 200 Runs. For all the latest discounts and offers notifications, install Supermeal android app on your mobile from Google Play Store.


For latest updates and instant notifications follow Supermeal on Facebook, Twitter or download our Android App.

Jeeto Superstars Ka Bat

The Best Gets Better

supermeal-order-meal-onlineDated, January 12th, 2015, Pakistan’s first online meal ordering website is well known for its innovation and state of the art technology. The website is powerful, robust and intuitive, which takes online meal ordering experience to next level.

We, the team at have a mantra – innovation, innovation and innovation. With leading technology and several competitive advantages over our competitors already, we always strive hard to innovate and bring best of the services to internet users and food lovers. While we keep innovating, other services that are similar to (both local and imported) follow us as a benchmark.

This time we bring a whole new and improved version of our website. The new version brings an advanced and intuitive designs, artificial intelligence and better user experience.

Let’s look at this version highlights;

Restaurants Listing Page

  • Entire new look for Restaurants listing page
  • Intelligent button working in three behavior and colours
    • Green (restaurant offering delivery now),
    • Blue (restaurant only offering collection),
    • Red (restaurant is closed and not taking delivery; pre-order)
  • Easy switching between DELIVERY, COLLECTION or ALL tabs
  • Filters are more meaningful and applied filters are highlighted
  • Applied filters can be seen easily on top and can be removed at any with just a single click.
  • Added additional info about restaurants for better choice making e.g. Meal Type, Followers, Cashback
  • Offers and discount highlighted and easy to spot now. Look for a red ribbon in restaurant block.
  • View menu buttons are now informative with appropriate messages
  • PRE-Order for Delivery available

Restaurant Listing Page


  • Easy navigation to search food, restaurants or area
  • Discount Offers on homepage

Supermeal Homepage


  • Map now opens on full screen of your device. This allows you to navigate through different restaurants on Google map.

Map View

Deals Page

  • Price range filter bar added for easy navigation
  • Now find deals by Servings

Meal Deals Page

Restaurant Menu

  • An entire new design with more intuitiveness
  • Restaurants opening, closing and delivery hours countdown – so you can make quick and informed decision.
  • Artificial intelligence added when you visit a restaurant menu directly. Upon adding first item to basket, Supermeal will ask you to confirm your delivery area. So you do not waste time adding lots of items and later discover that Restaurant does not deliver to your area.
  • Order basket simplified

Supermeal Restaurants Page

Responsive Website

  • The Supermeal web is now responsive. You’ll love it when you see it on your mobile browser. Navigate through easy and intuitive responsive designs. Your experience of ordering your favorite food is just gone in to the next level. The responsive will do so till we develop native apps for all mobile platforms like Apple, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Supermeal Responsive Site


  • We have optimised overall speed and load time of the website
  • Pages now open faster
  • Images now loads faster

We hope that you will love the all new and improved and keep your love and support coming, which keeps us motivated all the time and make us innovate.

Order your meal online and happy eating. :)