Super Eidi for Super Fans

Hello all you beautiful people out there. It’s Eid and we are sure you all must have done all the preparations for it. But we believe that people like you shall be rewarded during this auspicious occasion. So what if this time we take the charge and give a lot of Eidi to you all? Yes you heard it right! Supermeal is giving away lots and lots of Eidi, gifts, free meals and prizes this Eid to all our beloved customers. All you need to do is just follow some simple steps in order to be a part of this Eidi Contest Extravaganza!


  • Order as much as you can from today 23rd June till 28th June.
  • *More orders, more chances to win*

  • Winners will be selected randomly through lucky draw.
  • Valid ONLY for online orders []
  • You MUST be registered at Supermeal.
  • You must follow all the rules in order to get a chance to win
  • Failure to comply with the rules may disqualify you from the contest
  • Supermeal reserves the rights to choose the winners
  • Supermeal reserves the rights to cancel/change/alter the contest in any such case.

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What to Eat and What Not to Eat During Ramadan

While you are on a roller coaster ride to enjoy the fantastic feasts and yummy delights that arrive with this month, we would like to let you know that Ramadan is surely a month to pray and enjoy delicious cuisines. But, don’t make ”food” a priority as you may have to face the repercussion that comes with it. Enough of lecture I guess let’s come back to the point. We genuinely believe that the charm of food increases during Ramadan and people, without considering the fact that they might come across some health issues, eat lots of unhealthy things which affect the health later. Here are a list of things for you to jot down that what to eat and what not to eat during Ramadan. Yes you can thank us later!

What to Eat/Drink

  • Fruits

Fruits are a healthy option all-round the year but during Ramadan, when our metabolism is already dealing with our eating disorders, fruits are the best option to choose. Eating fruits in sehri or iftar keeps your fresh for the whole day and you will not feel low during the day time. Also, fruits keep your body hydrated and healthy.

  • Dates

Dates are a perfect source of all the vitamins and minerals you need especially during Ramadan. And it’s the best time to eat them as plenty of fresh dates are available in the market in honor of Ramadan.

  • Ghar Ka Khaana

Kuch bhi kehlo, but ghar ka khaana is ghar ka khana at the end of the day. No matter how many pakoras and dahi bade you opt for, the taste of desi khanay remains tasty. Sometimes it’s good to order food online but most of the days, ghar ka khana comes out to be the winner in order to maintain the health.

  • Doodh Soda

How many of you are aware of this totally Pakistani drink, doodh soda? I am sure people from any other planet would consider it odd but believe me, THIS IS THE MOST REFRESHING DRINK EVER! Mixing doodh with any white fizzy drink turns out to be not only refreshing but super energetic. [Try it once]


What Not to Eat/Drink

  • Too much fry item. Pakoray, samosay, roll etc

Eating too many fry items will make you fat [for the obvious reasons]. You will be less energetic and will feel dizzy most of the time. And I am sure, Ramadan is not only about eating, so try to take balanced diet so that you can do proper ibadat and enjoy the month as well.

  • Sharbats

Sharbats and all the mashroobaat are good till you choose the right one. Too much of sugar consumption is injurious to health. Choose wisey, water is the best solution for that but if your thirsty tummy wants anything else, go for natural juices and drinks which are not harmful and are beneficial also.

  • Cold Drinks

There is no worst choice than to opt for cold drinks during Ramadan. These fizzy drinks are not good in daily routine too, but during Ramadan they can be the worst nightmare ever. We fast the whole day and having fizzy drinks right after breaking the fast will end up making you feel worst about you and are also harmful to health.

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Types of Eaters You Get To See In a Restaurant

Ever wonder, whenever you visit a certain restaurant or hotel, you are always surrounded by a bunch of unique people. All having their own thoughts and God knows what brought them here. And meanwhile, waiting for the food to arrive, you usually notice them every then and now. And if not, here we will be showcasing these otherworldly eaters you get to see in a restaurant.

The Tez Raftaar Eater

Whether there’s plenty of time to eat or the eatery is about to kick them out, these eaters got no chill while eating. Probably they have the worst kind of eating disorder. Or they are afraid of leaving behind food for their mates, so they eat all in one go as if it’s the last day on earth to eat food.

The Sound Box

Now these are the people who are the chalta phirta juke box. You will hear all types of chewing and drinking sounds from them. And above all, they don’t have any guilt in doing that. So if you are surrounded by these eaters, be sure to hear lots of noises or try changing the seat. [Pro tip]

The Food Watchers  

In short the bhooka clan of eaters, who not only interfere in your food but also peep around on other’s tables. The only concern they have is koi mujhse zyada naa khaa le.

The Choosy Suzie

These are the eaters who have no idea what to eat, they just can’t decide what will they order and hence, end up eating their usual and boring chicken burger.

The Salad Makers

Have you even seed a person making their own salad at a salad bar? They are the real monsters our mother’s warned us about. They will put all their effort in filling up the jumbo platter, idhar udhar se salad gir raha hoga but they will still manage to prove their skills. And what results in the end is a total mess.

The Burppppp-Er

 And the whole fun of eating in a lavish restaurant comes to an end with an awful sound of some people who yell out loud that yes hamara pait bhar chukka hai ab! These sounds are nothing but a sign that they should be kicked out of the restaurant straight away!

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