Top 5 Biryanis in Karachi for die heart Biryani Lovers

Biryani is love, and for Karachites, a week without biryani feels so incomplete. And why not? After all it has become a national symbol of recognition for us. Being a Pakistani, we all have tried every kind of biryani and the best one turn out to be the ‘’Ammi ke Haath ki biryani’’ but what if for any odd reason, ammi refuses to make your favourite dish. Can you live without it? No you can’t, right? So here’s Supermeal Pakistan to the rescue, bringing the best biryanis from around the town. Here are top 5 Biryanis in Karachi for die heart Biryani Lovers

Student Biryani

 Top 5 Biryanis in Karachi for die heart Biryani LoversStudent biryani has been the pioneer of biryanis since years. Serving scrumptious biryani and is always on everyone’s ‘’eat list’’ when it comes to have chatpati masalaydaar biryani. Try their kheer at the end of the meal to have a complete flavorsome delight.


Baba Biryani

Top 5 Biryanis in Karachi for die heart Biryani Lovers

If you are looking for a pocket friendly option to have delicious biryani, then Baba Biryani is that one place for you. They have recently come in the market with their own authentic biryani taste.



Darbar Haleem and Biryani

Top 5 Biryanis in Karachi for die heart Biryani Lovers


Have a totally different punch of flavors with the tasteful biryani at Darbar Haleem and Biryani. With generous serving and authentic biryani taste, their single plate is just Rs 120 and its worth every penny.


Dehli Biryani

Top 5 Biryanis in Karachi for die heart Biryani Lovers

Focusing on the traditional biryani taste and nothing else, Dehli biryani is yet another place for biryani seekers. We Karachites are always in search of new biryani outlets and here it is. Dehli Biryani serves biryani which is a mixture of perfect spices and their biryani is a must try.


Premier Biryani

Top 5 Biryanis in Karachi for die heart Biryani Lovers


And how can we forget the ever favorite Premier Biryani? Serving delicious biryani from a long time, it is a must place to try simple yet yummy biryani. You can even try their haleem which is spicy and tasted best when served hot.


we would love to hear from you. If you have tried some other worth admiring biryanis then, comment below to let us know :)

Different Types of Pizza Lovers in Pakistan

Pakistanis shall officially be renamed as the nation who loves Pizza with all their heart. You will come across a new pizza franchise every time you blink your eye. Although new Pizza franchises are opening every then and now, pizza lovers are to be found everywhere. Here are different types of pizza lovers in Pakistan which I am sure you all can relate to.

Thin Crust Lovers
With loads of topping falling off the pizza, these eaters prefer their pizzas a bit too thin and a bit too loaded.

Eating with Fork
The pizza lovers who prefer eating pizzas with forks are the reason I have trust issues. I mean who can hold a knife and a folk for the sake of cutting a delicious slice of pizza?

Sauce Overloaded
These are the one who prefer eating pizzas with loads of sauce on the slice. And sometimes they end up holding a slice drenched in all the tomato sauce. I mean how can you have the original taste of pizza after that? Unacceptable!

No-Capsicum/Tomato/Olives/Jalapeno please
These eaters are the one who take out almost everything from the pizza, from vegetables to chickens; they are too choosy to select their perfect slice. They end up with just bread with cheese and are happy with it.

The Last Pizza Slice Seeker
And as the scrumptious pizza is about to finish, this one eater jumps in from nowhere to grab that last slice of happiness. His approach is to finish it all before anyone else finishes it.

No matter what type of pizza lover you are, you are definitely not a true Pakistani who has this immense love for pizza. So call now and Supermeal Pakistan will serve you with nothing but just the best. Call now at 111 775 775 or book your order online.

5 Foods All Pakistanis are Drooling Over

Pakistani’s are the most amazing people on planet earth. We eat to live and at times, live to eat. Because obviously, who can live without the scrumptious food in Pakistan? Where in the world can you find the extreme Chatpati Biryani and yummy Mircho Wali Nihari? NOWHERE! I can bet on that, because it happens only in Pakistan.
Here are 5 foods Pakistanis are drooling over and we can assure you that you cannot find them anywhere else in the world, as scrumptious as in Pakistan!


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
Our Pakistani awaam is highly obsessed with biryani. We consider no ‘’we’’ in Biryani. Let it be Baba Biryani ki mazedaar biryani or Biryani of the Seas ki chatpati biryani, we just need a reason or sometimes no reason to choose biryani as our meal.


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
For all the odd reasons, Pakistani’s are always in love with Pizzas. And you can get a hint of it by seeing the number of Pizza franchises growing in Pakistan. It’s like pizza is revolutionizing the food industry. And we, being typical Pakistani, go with the flow and prefer pizza over anything in life.


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
There are a bunch of burger outlets that have stepped into Pakistan and people are trying almost all of them. Being a burger lover myself, I can tell that this is the massive revolution in the field of ‘all sorts of burgers’. From crispy zingers to chicken and beef ones and we have anything else to do so we mixed pizza into burgers with the new burger called ‘pizza burger’. I mean totally predictable!

5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
Pakistan nowadays is filled with the restaurants selling every kind of naan. Chicken naan, cheesy naan, yeh naan woh naan, even nutella naan!! I mean come on?? Why on earth are people mixing everything with nutella?? Seriously no faith left in humanity! Anyways, these naans are the new trending phenomenon these days and Pakistanis are really drooling over them. They have created a new social media hype and whether you agree or no, we as Pakistanis welcome all sort of foods here.


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over

After the naan fever, now people are having the ultimate desire to eat khausa. It’s actually a Burmese dish but somehow managed to travel Pakistan for all the right reasons as we Pakistanis are always ready for any food accident. From big restaurants to home based marvelous chefs, everyone is these days specializing in making khausa and trust me, we all are loving it!

If you think we Pakistanis are obsessed with any other dish then feel free to comment and let us know :) Get all the amazing food deals from the top restaurants in Pakistan via Supermeal Pakistan and get a complete satisfaction from food to delivery.