Evening Snacks That We All Love To Munch

We all love munching for no reason, don’t we? Because hamay to bahana chahiye kuch khanay ka. Growing up in a Pakistani family we all have learned how to tackle with our ‘’be-wakt’’ ki bhook. And for that, our ammi jaans have delicious recipes with our sham ki chai. Here are some of the evening snacks that we all love to munch, and if not in evening, then at any time of the day, we don’t mind having them.


Samosa + Tea = Baap of all snacks! Who needs any other ‘walayti’ dish when we have our garma garam desi samosay. You will find them in every corner of the city being sold especially in evening and people rush towards the shops as soon as ammi announces its tea time. Aur agar sath mai jalebi bhi hojaye to maza dobala!

Chicken Nuggets

Now these are the perfect invention for people like me, who are lazy enough to think about cooking. And when it comes to my evening tea, I definitely need a quick munch to go with my tea. They are not only easy to fry but also yummy to eat. I can have like 8 to 9 in a single go. [ok never mind]

Cold Sandwiches

Cold sandwiches are easily made and much easily eaten, you can have a layer of boiled eggs with mayonnaise and your favorite vegetables. All you need to do is, leave these sandwiches in fridge for a while. Garma garam chai ke sath thanday sandwiches are just ‘O So Yummy’


Kachori and Aalu ki bhaaji is one of its own kinds of delight. Mostly they are served with achaar and that simply adds a touch of desi-ness to it. They taste heaven with a cup of tea and are also preferred in the breakfast time.

Namak Paaray

Have you ever tried Namak Paray along with a cup of tea? These little bundle of joy are simple irresistible when you start eating them. They are liked by all family members but mostly dadis and nanis adore them.

Biscuits and Chips

Go simple, go east and have your favorite biscuit and a pack of crisp to go with tea. It’s also light on pocket and light on tummy too, so that you can have dinner properly as well.

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Types of Tea to Satisfy the Thirst of Chai-holics

Haven’t you seen people drooling over tea like it’s the only thing available for the survival of mankind? I have even seen people having tea as if it’s the last day on planet and if they won’t have tea, they will not die peacefully. Now don’t ask who these people are, they are living proof that being a charsi doesn’t mean you need to drugs because chai itself is a biggest addictive drug for them. Also, if you can’t find these people around you, then probably, you are THAT one. Here are some of the types of tea to satisfy the thirst of Chai-holics.

Ilaichi Chai

Ilaichi wali chai does wonder when you want to have a relaxing tea-affect. All you need to do is put some ilaaichi in boiling tea water and give it a good boil for about 2 minutes. That aromatic tea will not only relax your senses but will also give you a soothing effect.

Masalah Chai

Masalah Chai is often liked by people who have nothing else to do but show full maarni hoti hai ke hum chai pii rahe hain, so they prefer masalah chai full of all the spices.

Adrak Ki Chai

I personally don’t like the idea of putting adrak in tea but adrak ki chai is a very good idea if you want to get rid of stress and strain. Put some adrak in ubalti hui chai and give a good boil of about 2 to 3 minutes.

Simple Chai…aahh!

And when you have nothing else, a simple cup of tea is all you need. Be it the tea bag one or the other one, a simple cup of tea having milk and sugar is enough to boost your immune system.  

Malaii Wali Chai

Have you ever heard people shouting, chai le aao malai maar ke? These are the people who take this chai-thing way to seriously. But putting some cream in tea is actually a very good idea if you want to have a cup of tea full of fats and a smooth effect,

So basically, tea is a source of energy for us ‘Pakistanis’. We don’t really need a reason to have tea; we have it casually uthtay bethtey. Whenever you feel low and need motivation, sip up a hot cup of tea and things will get back to usual. Supermeal Pakistan has number of restaurants  that deliver your favorite beverages at your doorstep, so call now 021 111 775 775 or visit our website www.supermeal.pk