5 Best Ways to Beat the Heat Out This Summer

As summers strike us like a real hot air balloon and we are here in Pakistan, saving our dear bodies with the heat out there. It is very hard to remain cool and calm when the sun is all set to hit us hard and won’t let us take a deep breath of sigh.  But don’t worry, as we are here to suggest some of the perfect foodoholic tricks and tips to keep you cool and avoid the sweat as much as possible. So here are 5 Best Ways to Beat the Heat Out This Summer

Thanda Lassi Ka Glass

5 Best Ways to Beat the Heat Out This Summer

Cola shola sab apni jaga, but the effect of Lassi is something totally different. That sweet and little salty flavors mingling in the dahi and doodh, blended ogether to perfection and topped with ice is something you would drink daily in summers.

Pro tip: Yoghurt keeps you hydrated and leaves a cooling effect for your whole immune system.

So go ahead, just have a full lassi se bhara glass and rock on!

Water melons

5 Best Ways to Beat the Heat Out This Summer

Water melons are 92% water that means majority of it is enough to feed your thirsty body as it has the amount of water required. Apart from that, each juicy bite of it, gives a punch of Vitamin A and C which is also beneficial. Water melons can be consumed in form of juices and slushes but the best way is to freeze the water melon cubes and then eat them with fork, OMG! You won’t believe my mouth is full of water while writing it all, next up I am heading towards my kitchen to do the same as I write.


Dahi Baray

5 Best Ways to Beat the Heat Out This Summer

Now that’s may be my personal choice of munch in summers but I found dahi baray soothingly cooling specially in summers. Season a plate of Dahi Baray with papri and chaat masala, grab a chill glass of water along and enjoy it sitting in your balcony in the evening..Aahhh purrrfect!!


Iced Coffee

5 Best Ways to Beat the Heat Out This Summer

Between the other-worldly fight between coke and Chai, people like me consider Coffee a good idea. Yes definitely not a hot one but you can try chilled & icy coffee in a hot summer day.  I can bet on it that you will feel relaxed and calm after drinking it. Blend some chilled milk and coffee with a spoonful of sugar, put some good amount of ice in it and blend well. Top it with vanilla or chocolate ice cream AND here you go! The perfect lip-smacking Iced Coffee is ready to chill you down.

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