5 Foods All Pakistanis are Drooling Over

Pakistani’s are the most amazing people on planet earth. We eat to live and at times, live to eat. Because obviously, who can live without the scrumptious food in Pakistan? Where in the world can you find the extreme Chatpati Biryani and yummy Mircho Wali Nihari? NOWHERE! I can bet on that, because it happens only in Pakistan.
Here are 5 foods Pakistanis are drooling over and we can assure you that you cannot find them anywhere else in the world, as scrumptious as in Pakistan!


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
Our Pakistani awaam is highly obsessed with biryani. We consider no ‘’we’’ in Biryani. Let it be Baba Biryani ki mazedaar biryani or Biryani of the Seas ki chatpati biryani, we just need a reason or sometimes no reason to choose biryani as our meal.


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
For all the odd reasons, Pakistani’s are always in love with Pizzas. And you can get a hint of it by seeing the number of Pizza franchises growing in Pakistan. It’s like pizza is revolutionizing the food industry. And we, being typical Pakistani, go with the flow and prefer pizza over anything in life.


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
There are a bunch of burger outlets that have stepped into Pakistan and people are trying almost all of them. Being a burger lover myself, I can tell that this is the massive revolution in the field of ‘all sorts of burgers’. From crispy zingers to chicken and beef ones and we have anything else to do so we mixed pizza into burgers with the new burger called ‘pizza burger’. I mean totally predictable!

5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over
Pakistan nowadays is filled with the restaurants selling every kind of naan. Chicken naan, cheesy naan, yeh naan woh naan, even nutella naan!! I mean come on?? Why on earth are people mixing everything with nutella?? Seriously no faith left in humanity! Anyways, these naans are the new trending phenomenon these days and Pakistanis are really drooling over them. They have created a new social media hype and whether you agree or no, we as Pakistanis welcome all sort of foods here.


5 Foods all Pakistanis are drooling over

After the naan fever, now people are having the ultimate desire to eat khausa. It’s actually a Burmese dish but somehow managed to travel Pakistan for all the right reasons as we Pakistanis are always ready for any food accident. From big restaurants to home based marvelous chefs, everyone is these days specializing in making khausa and trust me, we all are loving it!

If you think we Pakistanis are obsessed with any other dish then feel free to comment and let us know 🙂 Get all the amazing food deals from the top restaurants in Pakistan via Supermeal Pakistan and get a complete satisfaction from food to delivery.

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  1. I agree that these local franchises for pizza are growing day by day and revolutionizing the food industry.

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