5 foods we as Pakistanis grew up eating

Being a Pakistani I can assure that there are certain things, only we as Pakistanis are familiar with. From the childhood games like chuppan chupaii and kho kho to totally different ammi ke haath ke banay khanay, we have memories to cherish forever. Here are 5 foods we as Pakistanis grew up eating and these are totally divine in its own way.

Gola Ganda

5 foods we as Pakistanis grew up eating
This colorful bundle of joy is the most delicious memory of our childhood. Lots of colors poured on a big baraf ka gola were always perfect to entice our taste buds and still have that chilly kind of effect on us. You can still find them on famous streets of Karachi and Lahore and kids are drooling over them.

Guriya ke baal

5 foods we as Pakistanis grew up eating
Now this cute little furry yum creature was a treat to enjoy! Little we use to fight over the pink and blue ones to grab our favorite ones as soon as possible. Don’t know what was so attention grabbing about them but I still remember fighting with my brother for that 500 ka note found in the packet of guriya ke baal.


5 foods we as Pakistanis grew up eating
Now that’s something that is still in my memory bank as the most memorable memory of all. Running on the streets to call the ‘Kulfi Wala’ and getting those 2 Rs wali kulfi was our initial goal of childhood. I still remember I use to collect money from my ammi and abbu for these yummy kulfis that were my evening snack of the day.


5 foods we as Pakistanis grew up eating
Though I still love the idea of having garam garam bhutta dipped in the mircho wala neembu, aaah mouthwatering! Those were the days when a big bhutta was just for Rs 5 or 10 and we still use to fight with the Bhuttay walay uncle to give us some discount [Lol] the 2nd struggle was to rub the perfect amount of neembu mirchen in it and then eating it with the siblings and telling them how our bhutta is yummier than theirs.

Ring chips

5 foods we as Pakistanis grew up eating
Now who remember these ring chips being worn as the jewelry? Our ammi jaan use to fry them and we use to wear them in our fingers as rings, those laughter and fun moments are still present as a pleasant memory in our memory bank. And these colorful ring chips were the yummiest side line for dinner as daal chawal too tasted delicious with these rang birange nanhay paparh.


If you have some other bachpan ki yaadein, do share with us 🙂
comment below and let us share the meethi meethi childhood memories <3

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