The 7Cs To Keep Handy This Eid Ul Adha

Eid Ul Adha is all about food and the spices we have, we Pakistanis use a lot of spices in our foods to flavor them and enhance their taste to satisfy our taste buds *___*

I’ll tell you about the 7Cs to keep handy this Eid Ul Adha and are the most used spices in Pakistani dishes:

1.     Cinnamon: (Dar Chini)

Cinnamon is commended for several of its abilities which includes:

  • Build strong bones,
  • Eliminate infections,
  • Eliminate pain,
  • Improve heart health,
  • Increase cognitive function,
  • Increase the health of the eyes and skin!
  • Lessening inflammation,
  • Manage diabetes,
  • Prevent cancer,
  • Reduce excess gas


2.     Cloves: (Loong)

Cloves on our 2nd of the list for 7Cs to keep handy this Eid Ul Adha, it consists of many health benefits including:

  • Balancing bodily fluids,
  • Eliminate premature aging,
  • Improving digestion,
  • Increasing oral health,
  • Managing heart rate,
  • Strengthen the membranes throughout the body.
  • They act as antioxidant, antiseptic, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and rubefacient in nature.
  • Volatile oils that help prevention against cancer,

3.     Cumin: (Zeera)

What would life be without Cumin (Zeera)?

  • Act as a co-factor in many enzymatic reactions,
    • Build strong bones,
    • Cumin seeds are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and carminative by nature.
    • Eliminate macular degeneration,
    • Improve eye sight and
    • Increase sperm count,
    • Increases bred blood cell count
    • Lower blood pressure,
    • Manage heart rate,
    • Prevents various types of cancer.
    • They improve digestion,

4.     Cardamom: (Sabz Choti Elaichi)

The health benefits of cardamom include various abilities to:

  • Aid digestion,
  • Increase circulation,
  • Increase frequency
  • Increase the metabolism,
  • It gives the body many of its necessary vitamins and minerals, including:
  • Riboflavin,
  • Niacin,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Iron,
  • Manganese,
    • Lower blood pressure,
    • Reduce spasms,
    • Volume of urination,


5.     Cayenne Pepper: (Laal Mirch)

Hot pepper might be too much for some people to handle, but it is a very healthy thing to eat!

  • Eliminate toxins from the body,
  • Fights against all attackers, toxins, and infections, due to its powerful antioxidant properties!
  • Helps to manage diabetes,
  • Increase urination,
  • It has the ability to clear the sinuses,
  • Lower blood pressure,
  • Optimize the metabolism,
  • Perhaps most importantly,
  • Prevent cancer,
  • Regulate hormonal activity


6.     Capers: (Lobiayi Ghokhro)

Capers are on our 6th of the list for 7Cs to keep handy this Eid Ul Adha; it consists of many health benefits including:

  • Boost immunity,
  • Capers are very low in calories, but packed with phytonutrients, antioxidant compounds, and vitamins.
  • Increase circulation and provide a huge wealth of vitamins and minerals, including
    • Vitamin A,
    • Vitamin K,
    • Niacin,
    • Riboflavin,
    • Iron,
  • Lower cholesterol levels,
  • Reduce clotting,
  • Reduce illness,
  • Strengthen blood vessels,
  • They also prevent cancer,


7.     Caraway: (Seha Zeera)

Caraway seeds help our body in many ways:

  • Reduce excess gas,
  • Reduce constipation,
  • Prevent various diseases like cancer,
  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Lower blood cholesterol,
  • Improve digestion,
  • Improve blood pressure,
  • Eliminate atherosclerosis,
  • Provide a healthy source for
    • Calcium,
    • Copper,
    • Iron,
    • Manganese,
    • Niacin,
    • Potassium,
    • Pyridoxine,
    • Riboflavin,
    • Selenium,
    • Thiamin,
    • Zinc

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7 Foods That’ll Get You Rid Of Acne

We all go through a phase when our faces are filled with acne and we simply don’t care about it as we are so busy enjoying life but, what if that acne stays for longer? Than that is something to worry about for sure. But don’t worry, in this article we will discuss 7 foods that’ll get you rid of acne.

1.     Nuts (Maiwa)

The first one is nuts, we all know about their vast advantages to our body but did you know they help eradicate acne? 

  • Nuts are highly rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant that acts to eradicate acne, most probably by keeping the cells safe from inflammatory damage and by conserving skin’s elasticity. Selenium works very well when it’s accompanied by vitamins such as vitamin E and A, so start eating nuts with some almonds to help yourself get rid of acne.

2.   Beans (Dalein), Chicken (Murghi), Fish (Machli)

Our mothers always tell us the advantages of them, so today we will also discuss them and then you might know why they are on our “7 foods that’ll get you rid of acne” list.

  • Nobody knows precisely why, however getting enough zinc seems to help put the brakes on breakouts. It might be that zinc controls the arrival of male hormones that kick-begin skin break out. Zinc additionally enables the body to assimilate vitamin A, another imperative supplement for solid skin.

3.   Salmon (Khurduni Machli), Flaxseed (Alsi)

As we are so much attracted towards western eating habits I guess number 3 on our list is a must follow 😛

  • The regular Western eating routine contains an excessive number of omega-6 unsaturated fats, which are fixing to irritation. Eating more omega-3 unsaturated fats, for example, those found in greasy fish, walnuts, flaxseed, and so forth, can help tame aggravation and enhance skin break out breakouts.

4.   Sweet potatoes (Methe Aloo), carrots (Gajar), cantaloupe (Sarda), bell peppers (Mirchi)

These are something we always eat but don’t know much about their benefits

  • Beta-carotene (found in numerous orange-, yellow-, and red-toned foods grown from the ground) changes over in the body to vitamin A, one more of the supplements that upgrades selenium’s advantages to skin.

5.    Fruits and vegetables

  • Eating more products of the soil can normally help clear up skin break out. Many contain beta-carotenes, which normally help lessen skin oils, and all are normally mitigating. Dim, verdant greens additionally help clear debasements from the body, which can energize skin break out. Dull hued berries contain phytonutrients useful for skin when eaten.

6.   Oranges, tomatoes, melons

  • These succulent vitamin C bombs won’t cure you of breakouts, but since the vitamin reinforces cell dividers, it can help shield your skin from scarring that flaws can cause. Bioflavonoids, which frequently originate from a C source, (for example, the white skin inside citrus organic products), additionally go about as normal hostile to inflammatory that can upgrade the mending activity of vitamin C.

7.    Iodized salt and other strong sources of iodine

The last one on our list of “7 foods that’ll get you rid of acne” helps us in dozen of ways some are mentioned here:

  • For obscure reasons, iodized salt can cause skin break out flare-ups. Watches the measure of sodium you take in from readied and prepared sustenance and what amount iodized salt you include from the saltshaker. Consider utilizing ocean salt, which is bringing down in iodine. Likewise restrain shrimp and shellfish, which are high in iodine.

Why Pakistani cuisine is the best you will find in your whole zindagi?

Food for most people is passion and love. Some people are born to eat and other eat to live. Given the infestation of bills and receipts in my wallet I am definitely the former. Growing up in a Pakistani household one of our earliest memories is wandering around in the kitchen while our moms cooked and we longed for all the delicious food. Moreover, the food at dawats gives us an opportunity to flaunt the dishes passed onto us by generations. In other words they are goals. But Goals are what dumb girls post on instagram when they find something aspiring like a relationship or their social group. This opens a whole new dimension to fake comments like ‘omg you are so perf’ ‘no babe, not more than you’. And you basically suck up to each other declaring you are better. Like what?

These are FOOD GOALS! Something more for all of us to live for.

First off, there is a huge difference between the Indian food and Pakistani food. They DONOT taste the same and the preparations vary widely. Second, we have no authentic Pakistani cuisine. Our food is a blend of different cultures and traditions. Even though we live in one country, the food of one province differs from the other. But here are the best things we all have tried or should try from each province. And here we can justify the reason that why Pakistani cuisine is the best you will find in your whole zindagi?

Sindhi Biryani:

No matter how much islamabis or lahoris try to deny it, they donot know what biryani really is. Karachi wins! It has more aloos and more spices blended together to have a fun party in your mouth. Sindh is to thank for this amazing biryani.


It is a slow cooked stew usually made from lamb but chicken and meat can be used.  The garam garam naam and coriander, chillies, fried onion and garlic sprinkled over the stew is definitely nothing to miss.

Chapli kebab:

How can anyone resist the meaty kebabs? We have our pathan bhais from KPK to thank for this succulent dish. It is not really a patty but a mixture of meat; onions; spices and tomatoes, perfect to tantalize our taste buds. The best part is the patty is bigger than our hands. This challenges any foodie to finish it.


Be it of a lamb, chicken or meat, it never minimizes the excitement at any BBQ parties. And if you are a real Punjabi you’ll gulp down a whole chicken just like that.


Call it pulav, polo or whatever, this dish is found in every nook and corner of Peshawar. It has made its way to other provinces with variations according to their own taste but it’s still delicious.