Types of Tea to Satisfy the Thirst of Chai-holics

Haven’t you seen people drooling over tea like it’s the only thing available for the survival of mankind? I have even seen people having tea as if it’s the last day on planet and if they won’t have tea, they will not die peacefully. Now don’t ask who these people are, they are living proof that being a charsi doesn’t mean you need to drugs because chai itself is a biggest addictive drug for them. Also, if you can’t find these people around you, then probably, you are THAT one. Here are some of the types of tea to satisfy the thirst of Chai-holics.

Ilaichi Chai

Ilaichi wali chai does wonder when you want to have a relaxing tea-affect. All you need to do is put some ilaaichi in boiling tea water and give it a good boil for about 2 minutes. That aromatic tea will not only relax your senses but will also give you a soothing effect.

Masalah Chai

Masalah Chai is often liked by people who have nothing else to do but show full maarni hoti hai ke hum chai pii rahe hain, so they prefer masalah chai full of all the spices.

Adrak Ki Chai

I personally don’t like the idea of putting adrak in tea but adrak ki chai is a very good idea if you want to get rid of stress and strain. Put some adrak in ubalti hui chai and give a good boil of about 2 to 3 minutes.

Simple Chai…aahh!

And when you have nothing else, a simple cup of tea is all you need. Be it the tea bag one or the other one, a simple cup of tea having milk and sugar is enough to boost your immune system.  

Malaii Wali Chai

Have you ever heard people shouting, chai le aao malai maar ke? These are the people who take this chai-thing way to seriously. But putting some cream in tea is actually a very good idea if you want to have a cup of tea full of fats and a smooth effect,

So basically, tea is a source of energy for us ‘Pakistanis’. We don’t really need a reason to have tea; we have it casually uthtay bethtey. Whenever you feel low and need motivation, sip up a hot cup of tea and things will get back to usual. Supermeal Pakistan has number of restaurants  that deliver your favorite beverages at your doorstep, so call now 021 111 775 775 or visit our website www.supermeal.pk

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

One cannot go wrong choosing the perfect breakfast, as it’s the most important meal of the day so it has to be balanced, full of nutrients and should have health benefits as well. Talking about Pakistanis, we people don’t believe in having healthy food because some people eat to live but we live to eat. And why not? After all, Pakistani food is one of its own kinds of tasty. Coming back to the breakfast ideas, there are many options to opt for when you are about to give a kick start to your day, so here are some of the delicious desi breakfasts Pakistanis are obsessed with.  


Anda Paratha

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

Some people really believe in having heavy naashta as it is probably the only meal they have before dinner. And for such people, having anda paratha in the morning can be an essential option.


Boiled Eggs

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

If you are a bit weight conscious then boiled eggs are perfect for your breakfast. Not only are they healthy but full of nutrients and health benefits. Hard boiled eggs are good to eat in lunch too but they are mostly preferred in breakfast.


French Toast

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

God knows, which French people were those who left behind this lip-smacking breakfast dish for us, it has been a ‘posh’ breakfast item to be placed on the table. Especially when you have ‘angrez’ guests at your place, French toast does wonders to draw a sweet image of yours.



Halwa Poori

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

Sunday is officially the National Halwa Poori ka naashta day. It is recognized as one of our traditional meals which are essential for family meetups usually on holidays. Garma garam puriyan served with delicious channay ki bhaji and halwa, along with yummy achaar mixed with dahi is simply irresistible.


Chai Papa

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

The national breakfast of Pakistan is chai papa, which is an invention for people who are late lateef and can always be late no matter when they wake up. And however, tea is in any case a basic necessity for Pakistanis.


Chai Paratha

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

People like me who love fusion in everything will definitely opt for this one. Believe me it tastes heaven to have paratha with garma garam chai. It’s one of the quickest munch for Pakistanis. Even it is liked as an evening snack too


Aloo Ke Parathay

Delicious Desi Breakfasts Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

If dieting is something you are totally unaware of and if you ammi loves you a little too much then Aloo ke parathay shall be your usual naashta. Its full of masalay wale aloo and tastes heaven with dahi and imli ki chatni.

So whether you are looking for a simple breakfast or a heavy naashta scene, Supermeal has number of restaurants serving ‘o so yummy’ breakfast dishes. So call now and get in touch with our representatives to order your favorite nashta online.


Types of Eaters You Get To See In a Restaurant

Ever wonder, whenever you visit a certain restaurant or hotel, you are always surrounded by a bunch of unique people. All having their own thoughts and God knows what brought them here. And meanwhile, waiting for the food to arrive, you usually notice them every then and now. And if not, here we will be showcasing these otherworldly eaters you get to see in a restaurant.

The Tez Raftaar Eater

Whether there’s plenty of time to eat or the eatery is about to kick them out, these eaters got no chill while eating. Probably they have the worst kind of eating disorder. Or they are afraid of leaving behind food for their mates, so they eat all in one go as if it’s the last day on earth to eat food.

The Sound Box

Now these are the people who are the chalta phirta juke box. You will hear all types of chewing and drinking sounds from them. And above all, they don’t have any guilt in doing that. So if you are surrounded by these eaters, be sure to hear lots of noises or try changing the seat. [Pro tip]

The Food Watchers  

In short the bhooka clan of eaters, who not only interfere in your food but also peep around on other’s tables. The only concern they have is koi mujhse zyada naa khaa le.

The Choosy Suzie

These are the eaters who have no idea what to eat, they just can’t decide what will they order and hence, end up eating their usual and boring chicken burger.

The Salad Makers

Have you even seed a person making their own salad at a salad bar? They are the real monsters our mother’s warned us about. They will put all their effort in filling up the jumbo platter, idhar udhar se salad gir raha hoga but they will still manage to prove their skills. And what results in the end is a total mess.

The Burppppp-Er

 And the whole fun of eating in a lavish restaurant comes to an end with an awful sound of some people who yell out loud that yes hamara pait bhar chukka hai ab! These sounds are nothing but a sign that they should be kicked out of the restaurant straight away!

So whenever you get really tired of all these people while you dine in, we suggest that avoid the hassle of going out and order food online. Supermeal will take care of all the necessary measures to be taken in order to satisfy your hunger. So order your food now from www.supermeal.pk or call 021 111 775 775