Different Types of Pizza Lovers in Pakistan

Pakistanis shall officially be renamed as the nation who loves Pizza with all their heart. You will come across a new pizza franchise every time you blink your eye. Although new Pizza franchises are opening every then and now, pizza lovers are to be found everywhere. Here are different types of pizza lovers in Pakistan which I am sure you all can relate to.

Thin Crust Lovers
With loads of topping falling off the pizza, these eaters prefer their pizzas a bit too thin and a bit too loaded.

Eating with Fork
The pizza lovers who prefer eating pizzas with forks are the reason I have trust issues. I mean who can hold a knife and a folk for the sake of cutting a delicious slice of pizza?

Sauce Overloaded
These are the one who prefer eating pizzas with loads of sauce on the slice. And sometimes they end up holding a slice drenched in all the tomato sauce. I mean how can you have the original taste of pizza after that? Unacceptable!

No-Capsicum/Tomato/Olives/Jalapeno please
These eaters are the one who take out almost everything from the pizza, from vegetables to chickens; they are too choosy to select their perfect slice. They end up with just bread with cheese and are happy with it.

The Last Pizza Slice Seeker
And as the scrumptious pizza is about to finish, this one eater jumps in from nowhere to grab that last slice of happiness. His approach is to finish it all before anyone else finishes it.

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