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Last year (14th August 2012) Supermeal launched a state of the art website to facilitate food lovers and become a bridge between Restaurants and their customers. The portal helps you to order food from anywhere in Pakistan.

Supermeal is constantly eager in bringing ease and convenience to food lovers when it comes to online food ordering. Along with enhancements on the website, Supermeal has now launched an Android app that will make food available on the Go!!! Food ordering is becoming more and more fun than going out and eating food in a traditional way.

Some of the top features are:

GPS – detect location automatically The app has a GPS feature. Once you open the app, it automatically detects your location and show you restaurants in that locality, popular deals and items. If for any reason, the app is unable to locate current location, then it picks a location in 20KM proximity/radius.

You can also select your location manually by selecting the location button.


Find restaurants for Delivery or Pick Up The app makes it easy for you to have your meal on your mood, make your choice for Delivery or Pick up. On Delivery option, the app will show your restaurants that do delivery to your location. If it is Pick Up, you’re shown the restaurants that are located in that area.


Popular deals, items & restaurants The app shows popular deals, items and restaurants in your area. The popularity of deals and items is based on the number of times it is ordered by food lovers.

The popularity of a restaurant is directly proportional to the reviews and rating it got from people who ordered food from them.


Filter results by Offers, Cuisines, Buffet & etc. The app also allows Foodies to narrow down their search to be more specific either on cuisines or restaurants. They can filter by buffet, offers and discounts as per their own choice.


Restaurant menu with rich food images One of the important features of the app is the restaurant menus with rich food images. Supermeal has made food menus rich in the app as well which work as a catalyst to increase the appetite.

Other features;

  • Reward points on every order The amazing loyalty reward points scheme continues in the app as well. You get reward points on every order, which can be converted into e-cash.
  • Pay for your food using e-Cash e-Cash can be used as a mode of payment for the ordered food.
  • Offers and Discounts, if any. On further sliding, the food lovers can view the Offers and Discounts by the restaurants (if any offers this restaurant has).
  • Restaurant Reviews Food lovers can see reviews for each restaurant. Reviews are given by the people who have placed order to the restaurant and have experienced the service. Reviews helps consumers to pick the right option when ordering food and trying new tastes and restaurants.
  • Restaurant Delivery Areas On sliding left to right in a restaurant menu, there is a Reviews tab where a consumer can see the list of areas to which the restaurant do delivery of their food.
  • Order basket with customizing option e.g.: Toppings, Quantity & etc. Food lover can always see their order basket at any time. They can customise their order by adding and removing Topping, can increase or decrease the quantity of the number of items and other important features.
  • Save delivery addresses You can save up to 5 delivery address for future ordering. These addresses can be labeled as Home, Office, and Friend’s Place etc etc.
  • Orders history Consumer can easily check history of past orders they placed to restaurants.

With Supermeal Android app we believe that online food ordering is going to be easier, convenient and fun. Stay connected with Supermeal for more exciting feature that are to be up for app as well as the web.

Happy Eating 🙂


One thought on “FOOD on the Go! Supermeal android app

  1. An excellent app with almost all the features a food lover wants. Specially the automatically location detection is way beyond awesomeness.
    You are the champ Foortal 🙂

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