Foortal 10k’s winners list

On every 1000 consumer account registration, Foortal will celebrate the landmark and giveaway gift hampers to randomly selected consumers.

Prizes photo

First group of  winners on reaching 1000 consumer account: 14 August to 31 August 2012

Winner name Disguised email Disguised mobile
Seher Qayyum seh****** 030*****444
Imtiaz Hanfi imt******* 033*****442
Muhammad Arshad m_a*** 033*****909
Ammar Sajid saj****** 033*****757
Umer Zahid ume******** 034*****024
Shahid Ali con********* 033*****645
Burhan Ahmed bur********** 033*****660
Nida Mehboob nid***** 031*****870
Samih Ahmed sam****** 033*****454
Hammad Ali ha*** 034*****087

Second group of winners on reaching 2000 consumer accounts 1st September 2012 to 26th September 2012

Winner name Disguised email Disguised mobile
Fyza Raheem Fa** 9233***432
Ajmeer Khan Aj** 9233***233
Moomal Mahat Mo** 9234***655
Maria Mairaj m2** 9232***317
Zarri Malik Zar** 9234***795
Umme Hani Ume** 9232***132
Muhammad Danish Trak** 9233***662
Osama Bin Wasim Aies** 9230***866
Fahad Uddin In** 9234***113
Captain Syed Maisam Ali Bec** 9232***100

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