Foortal Annual Gathering 2013 – Technology Showcase and Bloggers Meet-Up



Foortal organized an event to bring the tech-savvy and experts to a platform to discuss current online users of Pakistan, showcase Foortal technology and how we can provide the best of the services to food lovers through this portal. Partner restaurants on Foortal were also invited and the turnout was huge. Event was held on 21st October, 2013 at Rangoli, Karachi.

The agenda of the this Met-up meeting was to discuss;

  • The Online Industry in Pakistan – Stats and figures – By Waqar Shah, CEO Foortal
  • What is Foortal? – By Ansar Shah, COO Foortal
  • New feature inaugural – By Waqar Shah, CEO Foortal.

Chief Guest:

Mr. Hammad Siddiqui – Career development and social media expert attended the event as a Chief Guest and shared his reviews on the Link-up meeting.

Guest Speakers

Mr Anas Faruqi Marketing Manager, LalQila, shared the success story of being on

Muhammad Ahsan Ahmed – CEO Dominos Pakistan, shared his thoughts on why businesses make loss in Pakistan and how can they start making money?


People started to gather and event started with recitation of the Holy Quran.

Mr. Syed Waqar Hussain Shah (CEO Foortal & MD/Founder WaqarTech Pvt Ltd) was requested to talk about The Current Online Market in Pakistan and The worth of Online Food Industry in Pakistan. He, the CEO, shared current stats and figures of online market in Pakistan.

“There are around 0.675 million online users in Pakistan who engaged themselves with brand and order online. If a user spent an average of Rs. 1000/month, the estimated worth of the industry is Rs. 675 million a month, which makes it Rs. 8.10 billion a year.

So there is a great potential in the local market and we need to prepare ourselves to capture the potential and rich market.”

Said by the CEO, Mr Waqar Hussain Shah

The next session was about intro to the Foortal website. Mr. Syed Ansar Hussain Shah (COO Foortal & Director WaqarTech Pvt. Ltd) pitched to the audience about what Foortal is and how it is different from other food ordering platforms operating in Pakistan.

“Foortal is one of the leading online food ordering website. Foortal provides a powerful back-end panel for the restaurants where they can easily create online franchise for FREE! They can create their menu with full prices, descriptions and photos. They can add food deals, create discount offers and most importantly they can search consumers based on their profiles (age, area, type of food they love etc) and can communicate with their customers via Foortal using mediums like SMS, Email or Mobile notification. ”

Said by the COO, Mr Ansar Hussain Shah.

He further added,

“The food lover gets Reward Points whenever they place online orders via Foortal. These points can be converted into eCash which is used as a different mode of payment for future online orders via Foortal.” – COO, Ansar Shah

Mr. Anas Farooqui, Marketing Manager of LalQila Restaurant was requested to be a guest speaker at the event to share his thought on being partner restaurant of Foortal – the success story.

He started with the beginning of LalQila. They have never spent too much on outdoor marketing, it is the food and quality of service that has made what LalQila is today.

“We have never outsourced any of our processes or business to anyone. A year back in 2012, a bunch of guys came to me and briefed me about Foortal. I felt something and decided to go with Foortal and this was the first time we have outsourced our online ordering to Foortal and I am pretty much happy with the service of provided by Foortal.” – Anas Faruqi, Marketing Head

He announced an Exclusive 5% discount on all Buffet reservations that are done via only. He is also looking forward to bring online their upcoming restaurants called Chinni Vinnie and LalQila Express on Foortal.

Mr. Ahsan Ahmed, CEO Domino’s Pakistan was requested to be on stage and share his thoughts on what are hurdles a food business face initially in Pakistan.

“Pakistanis mai log mayyat ki Biryani bhi nahi chorte” – Mr Ahsan Ahamed

We Pakistani love to eat, whether there is a happy occasion or a sad one, food is necessary. He discussed potential size of the food industry in Pakistan. In the end he said;

“Pakistani customer is forgiving, we have to take care of customers and provide them the best of the services. If failed to do so, we Pakistani nation would not accept it whether it a top brand of the world. So respect your customers and give them best of the services” – Mr Ahsan Ahamed

The chief guest at this was all set to n the Chief Guest Mr. Hammad Siddiqui took the stage and spoke about the importance of Social Media. He said that;

Pakistan is one of the best countries in the region. He emphasized that Online Marketing is not the future it is NOW and we have to look in to it seriously otherwise it would be late for us and we will regret that we have missed the opportunity. Customer is the most important aspect of any business and we have to respect our customers. – Mr. Hammad

Mr. Hammad also appreciated the initiative taken by WaqarTech Ltd. ( developers) for making such a technology in Pakistan and contributing in the betterment of the country’s economy.  He expressed that it is the private sectors which help to develop a country’s economy the most.

Foortal then showed their Mobile apps for Consumer and restaurant. Both the apps are fully loaded with exciting features and are user friendly. Foortal launched the Referral Scheme at the Annual Gathering.

Referral System is all about to pay off the customers more. With referral system the food lovers can invite their friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other Social Media platforms. On every order placed by the referred friend, you can get up to Rs. 50. You can later use this eCash to order food or can reimburse as Cash. Foortal announced that the bloggers can also use the embedded code and can place the badge on their blogs. On every person coming from their blog they will get the eCash.

The event was concluded with the award and prize distribution ceremony. Special prizes were given to the Bloggers, Consumers and Restaurants.

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