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Re 1 Offer

Last week Foortal came up with the Rupiya Offer again and this time it was in the four major cities of Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The response of Food Lovers this time was fantastic than the last Domino’s Rupiya Offer.

15 minutes, yes 15 minutes all it took for the vouchers to vanish.

The campaign started with a teaser put on Foortal’s Facebook Fan page. People got excited with the fantastic art work created by Foortal creative team. Fans started to anticipate the offer to be interesting as it was not for only Lahore this time.

Re. 1 Offer

Teaser – June 14, 2013

It then moved to the 2nd day (i.e. June 15, 2013). The offer was announced to be started at 7:00 pm local time and a countdown was placed.

The countdown on the offer page was making the visitors to stay connected to grab the offer as fast as possible. The clock was ticking and with every tick the  fans were getting excited and thrilled because they wanted to be among lucky people to get Re. 1 Domino’s Pizza, offered by Foortal.

Re 1 Offer

People loved the offer and were extremely happy on being the lucky ones to grab the Rupiya Offer. They shared their experience with us on Facebook. They also rated and reviewed Domino’s menu on .website. We would love to share few of the comments and  photos by our fantastic fans.

Re 1 Offer Re 1 Offer Re 1 Offer Re 1 Offer Re 1 Offer Re 1 Offer

It was an exciting event and we at Foortal feel proud and  loved to see people loving us. We will keep bringing more and more Rupiya Offer deals and would love to see more and more people enjoying the Rupiya Deal.

Happy Eating 🙂

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