For The Love of Food

Any nation, any religion; Food is what unites everyone to one table. The food industry is amongst the top four industries of the world with an annual turnover of more than one trillion dollars.

Keeping up with the exponential growth of food industry, Brandsynario has made it a priority to give due coverage and importance to all food related activities around the world. We provide integrated and updated news and information focusing on the marketing activities of these brands. Be it Starbucks launching a new coffee flavor, Mc Donald’s innovating on its in Salad offers , Coke introducing  its sleek and slim cans or National Foods promoting its spices; we cover them all. Our campaign section highlights the print, TV, and activation activities of brands, reviews on new products, and information on new product launches and their events, as well as exclusive interviews of the movers and shakers of the industry.

Our exclusive brand section includes some of the top fast food brands from around the world featuring Hardees, Pizza Hut, Nandos’ and KFC.  Also included are the daily household brand names like Olpers, Tapal, Tang and Tarang.

Some of our most viral content has been related to the food industry.  Here are a few examples

  1. Do Darya Strip closing down
  2. SattarBuksh cafe: Another Big addition to Karachi
  3. Burger King Launch in Pakistan and many more.

Our successful media partnership with Foortal was another recent initiative to bring our readers closer to one thing they love most – FOOD

About Brandsynario:

Brandsynario is a unique, interactive portal featuring Advertising, Media and Marketing related buzz of brands around the globe. Initiated in 2006, it provides latest updates about your favorite brands and their latest happening including all the most loved names in the food industry.

It has been recently revamped with an improved interface, faster downloading speed and increased social media integration keeping a brand centric approach in the forefront. With Additional features including a huge database of advertising campaigns, brand news, articles and data insights, Brandsynario serves as an international marketing portal, for all brands in the marketplace.

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