Give your Friends Treat in Budget at These Famous Eateries

Friends are the most honorable yet clumsy little creatures on earth. They are behind your each trouble but are also the one who can die for you if needed. One of the most annoying ‘’bhatta khori aadat’’ of these people are that they always ask for treat whatever happens.

Bhae pass hogaye? Treat!

Bhae fail hogaye? Treat!

New Car? Treat!

Margaye?  Treat!

So they have no specific occasion in their mind, just pure greed for having mufti. So, how to deal with them? Don’t worry, sit back and relax as we will suggest you some awesome eateries around from where you can give your friends treat in budget and save a lot of bucks.

Foods Inn

Give your friends treat in budget at these famous eateries

This newly opened restaurant [actually not so new now] is a on the go option for anyone who has a certain budget for giving treat. But don’t worry, your friends will not curse you as the taste and quantity served is awesome and one dish is enough for two. The place is cozy, environment is friendly and nicely decorated. From fast-food to continental, Foods Inn have a list of mouthwatering dishes.

Café Bogie

Give your friends treat in budget at these famous eateries

Café bogie is a newly found eatery, located at the main city station; the place is outrageously different in terms of its outlook. It’s a restaurant in train, YES you read it right, a restaurant in a shape of train. As their tagline says, you can have a meal on a train without moving a mile out of Karachi.  So the location is a plus point while visiting with your friends as you can have some amazing clicks and selfies, so thank me later for suggesting.


Pizza Lounge

Give your friends treat in budget at these famous eateries

Being a regular treat giver and yes taker too, I’ve been to Pizza Lounge couple of time and have tried almost all the things. The best part is, in nominal amount, you can get the regular dishes you order at an expensive restaurant. So whenever my friends come over for bhatta khori, I straight away take them there. They have a range of flavors of Pizzas, and they also serve some delicious cheesy garlic bread with is a cherry on the top.

Food Break

Give your friends treat in budget at these famous eateries

If your friends are a die heart fast food lover and have been sarcastically taunting you for not treating them well, then Food Break is the savior for you. They have scrumptious range of fast food and that too in reasonable prices. Their Singaporean rice is a highlight and it cost just RS. 150 for a single serving.

So if your friends are waiting for you to treat them right, it’s time now! enjoy this yummilicious foods or you can order through Supermeal Pakistan. Just call 021 111 775 775

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