Introducing CASHBACK

Our promise to bring best and innovative service to food community continues. After huge success of Referral System (where you refer your friends and earn meal when they place order), Supermeal now introduces the amazing CASHBACK feature. Now get instant Electronic Cash on every order that you place online on cashback_campaign_600x292 There are different minimum spending criteria to be eligible for CASHBACK. For example, to get a 3.5% Cashback, you will need to spend minimum Rs 1000/- on your order. When your order is accepted, you will get a Cashback of Rs. 35/- instantly in your Supermeal wallet. You can either use this electronic cash for your next order, or can exchange it into hard cash. Cash conversion is available at a minimum threshold. (Note: 10% transaction fee  will be charged in this case).

Look for CASHBACK percentage for every restaurant on Search Results page (shown in the image below).


What is Cashback?
A form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.

What is Supermeal Wallet?
Supermeal Wallet is your virtual wallet that has your eCash and transaction histroy.

What is Electronic Cash?
Electronic Cash is virtual currency that you can earn and use while placing online orders via

How can I earn Electronic Cash?
You can earn Electronic Cash by placing online orders via More percentages of a CASHBACK means more Electronic Cash.

How can I earn more Electronic Cash?
Okay, so you want to earn more Electronic Cash? Here is the trick! Supermeal offers ‘Referral Scheme’ which allows you to earn more. Find out here.

What can I do with Electronic Cash?
You can pay for the food which you order from  using Electronic Wallet. You will not need to pay hard cash on delivery.

Can I exchange Electronic Cash into hard cash?
Yes, you can exchange your Electronic Cash in to hard cash when it reach to certain threshold. Note: A 10% transaction fee is charged in this case.

Does all restaurants accept Electronic Cash?
Unfortunately No! Filter for restaurant that accept Electronic Cash (shown in picture below)

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