LalQila Joins Hands with Supermeal Pakistan

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” following the statement, Supermeal Pakistan executed its growth plan. We flaunted the idea of collaborating with the territory partners within Pakistan and internationally as well. Starting the initiative in Karachi, the idea began from the start of 2017 and by the mid of the year, we have our 1st territory partner.

In the growing venture of the food business, Supermeal Pakistan welcomes the well-known restaurant “LalQila”, to be a part of its extensive journey. Hence LalQila has become the 1st territory partner of Supermeal Pakistan and is currently working as a franchise partner in many areas of Karachi.

Previously known as “Foortal” and rebranded as Supermeal Pakistan, we are now moving towards the growth and massive developments of the business with “Lal Qila Restaurant”. A true marvel depiction of the Mughal era – LalQila, has now joined hands with Supermeal Pakistan sharing 60:40 of its revenue share and working as a territory partner in major parts of Karachi.

LalQila Joins Hands with Supermeal Pakistan

Supermeal Pakistan is one of the fastest growing food portals of Pakistan and together with Lal Qila, we will be striving to touch the heights of success. Currently, Supermeal Pakistan and Lal Qila are collaborating in Karachi. The joint venture was signed on 31st July’2017 in a small gathering held at the premises of LalQila. The Head of Business Development & Marketing “Muhammad Kabir Khan” and the CEO of Supermeal “Waqar Shah” with the Director of LalQila “Zaheer Yousuf” finalized the deal and signed contract. The over-whelming and rejoicing ceremony was one of its own kinds.

Supermeal Pakistan welcomes LalQila to be a part of its massively growing journey and hope for a positive and successful growing venture in the food portal business. Supermeal Pakistan will now work on its future projects with LalQila. And the growth still continues… the search of the territory partners is still on.

Supermeal Pakistan is looking further for the franchise partners across Pakistan to collaborate in the business; it’s a great opportunity for the food business owners of Pakistan as you all know how rapidly our food industry is growing. So if you think you are awesome enough to be a part of Supermeal Pakistan – you are most welcome! Apply at


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