Why Pakistani cuisine is the best you will find in your whole zindagi?

Food for most people is passion and love. Some people are born to eat and other eat to live. Given the infestation of bills and receipts in my wallet I am definitely the former. Growing up in a Pakistani household one of our earliest memories is wandering around in the kitchen while our moms cooked and we longed for all the delicious food. Moreover, the food at dawats gives us an opportunity to flaunt the dishes passed onto us by generations. In other words they are goals. But Goals are what dumb girls post on instagram when they find something aspiring like a relationship or their social group. This opens a whole new dimension to fake comments like ‘omg you are so perf’ ‘no babe, not more than you’. And you basically suck up to each other declaring you are better. Like what?

These are FOOD GOALS! Something more for all of us to live for.

First off, there is a huge difference between the Indian food and Pakistani food. They DONOT taste the same and the preparations vary widely. Second, we have no authentic Pakistani cuisine. Our food is a blend of different cultures and traditions. Even though we live in one country, the food of one province differs from the other. But here are the best things we all have tried or should try from each province. And here we can justify the reason that why Pakistani cuisine is the best you will find in your whole zindagi?

Sindhi Biryani:

No matter how much islamabis or lahoris try to deny it, they donot know what biryani really is. Karachi wins! It has more aloos and more spices blended together to have a fun party in your mouth. Sindh is to thank for this amazing biryani.


It is a slow cooked stew usually made from lamb but chicken and meat can be used.  The garam garam naam and coriander, chillies, fried onion and garlic sprinkled over the stew is definitely nothing to miss.

Chapli kebab:

How can anyone resist the meaty kebabs? We have our pathan bhais from KPK to thank for this succulent dish. It is not really a patty but a mixture of meat; onions; spices and tomatoes, perfect to tantalize our taste buds. The best part is the patty is bigger than our hands. This challenges any foodie to finish it.


Be it of a lamb, chicken or meat, it never minimizes the excitement at any BBQ parties. And if you are a real Punjabi you’ll gulp down a whole chicken just like that.


Call it pulav, polo or whatever, this dish is found in every nook and corner of Peshawar. It has made its way to other provinces with variations according to their own taste but it’s still delicious.

Fusion Fried Zinger Burger of Grilled Mania is a MUST try!

We’ve been eating all sorts of burgers since our childhood. But this new glory just swept away my feet from ground with its alluring taste and splendid presentation. Here’s presenting, the Fusion Fried Burger from Grilled Mania. The Fusion Fried Zinger Burger of Grilled Mania is a MUST try! The restaurant is located at Adnan Corner Shop #8 Near Arshi Shopping Mall Block 7 FB Area. I am keen of trying new eateries every then and now, and Grilled Mania just caught my attention with it’s tempting menu and the name of the dishes are totally wow. From Big Buzz Burger to the Western Frenzy Burger, there’s a list of scrumptious burger variety which are enough to entice the taste buds.

Fusion Fried Zinger Burger of Grilled Mania is a MUST try!

Now coming back to the fusion fried zinger burger, it was…yeah different! In a sense that it had this yummy sauce, it was not the usual zinger burgers we eat every now and then and which are available now at every corner of the city. It’s crispy fried chicken fillet is what we call a piece of heaven dipped in the most appealing flavors and sauces. The buns were fresh, to my surprise the burger was not soggy and it has a perfect taste, not too spicy and not too mild.

So I you are a burger lover and wanna try sometime this appealing as I described above, not trying fusion fried zinger burger of Grilled Mania would be a crime.

To see the complete menu:  https://goo.gl/5EoE4A

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Evening Snacks That We All Love To Munch

We all love munching for no reason, don’t we? Because hamay to bahana chahiye kuch khanay ka. Growing up in a Pakistani family we all have learned how to tackle with our ‘’be-wakt’’ ki bhook. And for that, our ammi jaans have delicious recipes with our sham ki chai. Here are some of the evening snacks that we all love to munch, and if not in evening, then at any time of the day, we don’t mind having them.


Samosa + Tea = Baap of all snacks! Who needs any other ‘walayti’ dish when we have our garma garam desi samosay. You will find them in every corner of the city being sold especially in evening and people rush towards the shops as soon as ammi announces its tea time. Aur agar sath mai jalebi bhi hojaye to maza dobala!

Chicken Nuggets

Now these are the perfect invention for people like me, who are lazy enough to think about cooking. And when it comes to my evening tea, I definitely need a quick munch to go with my tea. They are not only easy to fry but also yummy to eat. I can have like 8 to 9 in a single go. [ok never mind]

Cold Sandwiches

Cold sandwiches are easily made and much easily eaten, you can have a layer of boiled eggs with mayonnaise and your favorite vegetables. All you need to do is, leave these sandwiches in fridge for a while. Garma garam chai ke sath thanday sandwiches are just ‘O So Yummy’


Kachori and Aalu ki bhaaji is one of its own kinds of delight. Mostly they are served with achaar and that simply adds a touch of desi-ness to it. They taste heaven with a cup of tea and are also preferred in the breakfast time.

Namak Paaray

Have you ever tried Namak Paray along with a cup of tea? These little bundle of joy are simple irresistible when you start eating them. They are liked by all family members but mostly dadis and nanis adore them.

Biscuits and Chips

Go simple, go east and have your favorite biscuit and a pack of crisp to go with tea. It’s also light on pocket and light on tummy too, so that you can have dinner properly as well.

So whenever you feel low and down, remember food is always there to accompany you. And here at Supermeal, we strive towards providing you the best food deals to satisfy your taste buds according to your need. So whenever you want evening snacks and you feel too lazy to get up and go to the shop, remember, we are here to send your favorite snacks right at your doorstep.