Shawarma Delight of Pizza Lounge is the real delight!

I don’t think so a pizza even needs a review, it says a thousand words itself. The taste, the aroma, the topping, oh God! Everything speaks! So, this shawarma delight pizza from the famous eatery Pizza Lounge, located at the heart of Karachi’s famous street food court Sindhi Muslim is simply scrumptious.
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The oozing cheese and the distinct flavors are not the only things to wonder about, the perfectly baked pizza dough and the plentiful amount of topping on it says a lot about the generosity of the eatery. Now, if we talk about the taste, I don’t think so that the words can justify it. Being a pizza lover, I can assure that it’s rightly baked with perfection. The taste is different as compared to other pizzas; it has a distinct Arabic shawarma flavor that sets it apart.

You can also check out the video review of Shawarma Delight Pizza:

So, in my opinion, tasting a pizza is never a bad idea. And if you are a die heart pizza lover, you must try out this authentic pizza flavor whose praises will be justified once you take the very first bite of it.

You can ORDER IT NOW HERE, or Call us and we will serve it oven hot right at your door step. Call 021 111775775.

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