The Best Pizza Flavors Around The Corner

Pizza is surely that one thing that when it’s baked, it doesn’t only melts the oozing cheese on it, but it also melts our hearts. I mean who doesn’t like a cheesy and flavorful slice of happiness served along with some amazing flavors. Pakistan has always been known for its fusion dishes, from Biryani to Mutton Kunna, we have revolutionized almost all the things we eat. And that is why, the Pizza industry is grooming day by day, with their extra-ordinary flavors and a list of editions. Here are the best pizza flavors around the corner, which are my personal favorite. So let’s have a look.

Hara Bhara Tikka – Pizza Chef In
I have personally tried their hara bhara tikka flavor, and believe me I indulged myself in the fusion-istic delight. It has a hint of pure Pakistani flavors dancing along with the cheese and soft dough. It’s a must try for anyone who loves desi flavors in their pizzas.

Arabic Green Pizza – Pizza Lounge
Pizza lounge is another one on my list; their Arabic green flavor is a blend of Arabic and desi flavors. There is this extremely yummy sauce on the top of it or they also serve it along with it [if you don’t like a messy pizza]. Their pizzas are always served with a good amount of melting cheese so it’s a delight in any case.

Arabian Nights – Day Night Pizza
I personally loved the idea of the name of this pizza, so I decided to give it a try. It was jam-packed with the flavors and had a punch of all the flavors jelling together. Overall, it was a twist and turns of different taste together in one pizza. So y es, a big shout out to the Arabian Nights flavor of Day Night Pizza.

Super Supremo Pizza – Café Bogie
Café Bogie has recently opened its doors for the food lovers in Karachi. Their pizzas are gaining a lot of hype due to the place itself as its name is unique and the place itself is a bit unique. So after all the hype, I decided to give the Super Supremo Pizza a try and yes, it turned out to be a good experience. The taste was different as compared to the usual pizza flavors. Other than that, their sandwiches are also distinct in taste with different fillings which are surely a must try.

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