Types of Eaters You Get To See In a Restaurant

Ever wonder, whenever you visit a certain restaurant or hotel, you are always surrounded by a bunch of unique people. All having their own thoughts and God knows what brought them here. And meanwhile, waiting for the food to arrive, you usually notice them every then and now. And if not, here we will be showcasing these otherworldly eaters you get to see in a restaurant.

The Tez Raftaar Eater

Whether there’s plenty of time to eat or the eatery is about to kick them out, these eaters got no chill while eating. Probably they have the worst kind of eating disorder. Or they are afraid of leaving behind food for their mates, so they eat all in one go as if it’s the last day on earth to eat food.

The Sound Box

Now these are the people who are the chalta phirta juke box. You will hear all types of chewing and drinking sounds from them. And above all, they don’t have any guilt in doing that. So if you are surrounded by these eaters, be sure to hear lots of noises or try changing the seat. [Pro tip]

The Food Watchers  

In short the bhooka clan of eaters, who not only interfere in your food but also peep around on other’s tables. The only concern they have is koi mujhse zyada naa khaa le.

The Choosy Suzie

These are the eaters who have no idea what to eat, they just can’t decide what will they order and hence, end up eating their usual and boring chicken burger.

The Salad Makers

Have you even seed a person making their own salad at a salad bar? They are the real monsters our mother’s warned us about. They will put all their effort in filling up the jumbo platter, idhar udhar se salad gir raha hoga but they will still manage to prove their skills. And what results in the end is a total mess.

The Burppppp-Er

 And the whole fun of eating in a lavish restaurant comes to an end with an awful sound of some people who yell out loud that yes hamara pait bhar chukka hai ab! These sounds are nothing but a sign that they should be kicked out of the restaurant straight away!

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